Carbon Brushless Quadcopter Frame, 110mm (Diagonally motor to motor). The kit contains the frame (2mm carbon), the top plate with AlienFlight graving (1mm carbon), 5 2x12mm Nylon standoffs and 10 M2 Nylon screws. There are two variants of the top plate available. By default, the kit comes with the smaller variant. For the larger version, please request this in the comment. The frame has mounting holes for a flight controller with 20x20mm distance. The distance of the motor mounting holes will fit for various micro motors (3x 1,4mm in 8mm diameter, 4x1,4mm in 8mm diameter, 2x1.4mm in 8mm diameter und 2x2mm in 10mm diameter).

The kit will be shipped in a cushion envelope via registered mail.


More information regarding the usage of the frame kit can be found here.

This frame can be purchased here.